To provide the best place online for users to find land for sale.


At LandSpotter we all come to work every day because we want to solve what we feel is the biggest problem in the land business, no one single place exists for people to search, find and buy land online. The majority of the land for sale that is posted online is scattered and disorganized across thousands of websites making it extremely hard for buyers to search and find exactly what they are looking for, many sites provide outdated search tools or are just cluttered with advertisements turning many potential land buyers off.

So we set out to create a web platform that is designed for land sellers large and small to list their property in one place providing a unified search for buyers. Our platform is easy to use and is designed with the focus of being a powerful search tool allowing users to easily navigate, sort and narrow in on exactly that perfect property. In stride with enhancing the buyer and seller overall experience we also wanted to build a trust platform which allows sellers to invite buyers of completed transactions to Rate and Review their individual experience allowing for future buyers to see a sellers transaction Rating.

Since launching our business in January of 2017 we have launched our web platform and are currently in the process of building the LandSpotter phone App for Android and iOS for buyers to search on the go and for sellers to use the unique listing features to post land listings from their mobile device on the fly.